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Playing:Fame -- David Bowie
DJ:Dixie (Megan Williams)
Likes:Hip Hop, Rap, Rock, Jazz, Blues and R&B
Where:7B Horseshoe Bar
When:8:00PM to 4:00AM

Playing:Time and Time Again -- Counting Crows
DJ:Code SWAG (Michael Gill)

Playing:Jammin -- Bob Marley
DJ:Red Mermaid (Gina Riza)
Likes:Guns N' Roses, Punk and METAL!
Where:7B Horseshoe Bar
When:12:00PM to 8:00PM

Playing:Jammin -- Bob Marley
DJ:Punky (Rachel P)
Where:Cask Lounge
When:7:00PM to 4:00AM

Playing:Things Done Changed -- The Notorious B.I.G
DJ:Lady Slim Shady (Alicia Elett)
Likes:I'm Eminem's baby sister
Where:Sessions 73
When:7:00PM to 4:00AM

Playing:Things Done Changed -- The Notorious B.I.G
DJ:Thor (Dave T)
Where:Beach Bar
When:11:00AM to 7:00PM

What is all this about?

Ok, so, you're a bartender or perhaps a barista at a cool coffee lounge and you usually plug your iPhone into the public address system to play music.

You're the DJ...

Even though you have spent hours carefully selecting the playlist from your MP3 collection, there's always customers who don't like what you're playing. What if you could let them select the songs from your catalog using their mobile phone?

Now, You're the JUKEBOX!

Frequently Asked Questions

There will never be a subscription fee. ThePeoplesJukebox.com will always be completely FREE

Currently, you must upload mp3's from your private collection on your computer.

Soon! We are working to create Spotify and Pandora account support but for now, no :(

it is currently limited to 100 songs per catalog but this may change at anytime